Lolo Selassie caught red-handed: ‘It was embarrassing’

Lolo Selassie recounted a very embarrassing moment he had at Manuel Portozzo’s house: the discovery of a red light

The story of Lulu Selassie (GF Vip screenshot)

The love story is now over between Manuel Portozzo And Lulu Selassie Continues to fuel gossip. Moreover, a new backdrop has emerged in these hours thanks to the story of the little princess who once again emphasized how the responsibility lies with the swimmer’s family. The ex-Jivina talked about brainwashing, but above all about real interference, even in everyday life.

lulu In fact, he gave a recent interview to the weekly from In which he revealed some situations Franco Portozzo, now ex-boyfriend’s father. The man would repeatedly undermine their date with his attitudes, but above all he would also go to the two’s house uninvited or without warning.

Lolo Selassie, Background on Franco Borzo: Embarrassing Episodes

Ex-Gives Lolo Selassie and Manuel Portozzo (GF Vip screenshot)

Talking about his relationship with family ManuelYoung woman Selassie He revealed that he immediately realized that no one liked him. lulu He also revealed that he had seen some videos and photos of the family and heard some of their harsh opinions as well. But difficulties arose above all when the princess went to live in Manuel’s house: an apartment attached to her father’s house. Franco.

Specifically in relation to human behavior, the Selassie He said: There was never privacy, Manuel’s father was constantly dropping off, and he was very intrusive. He didn’t ring or ring the bell, he just walked out. We’re boys and for me, being a woman is embarrassing too. Maybe I wanted to be naked or in my underwear…”. So the episodes are very embarrassing the ones he was going to experience lulu to Bortuzzo’s house.

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During the interview he then added a new detail: We had intimate moments and suddenly he would arrive. it was embarrassing. from words Selassie Therefore, the greatest responsibility emerges behind the end of his history with Manuel It is specifically set for Franco. For his part, the man in recent days denied this account, noting that the son decided on his own.

Two different versions of the same story but from lulu It really is so full of details that you will be speechless. His account, if confirmed, confirms a huge addiction to Manuel from the family. For his part, the swimmer wanted to specify that his choice came only due to a mismatch and that he is currently focused on completely different goals.

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