Lodi municipality wants to ask about the “disaster situation” of the storm

Lodi municipality wants to ask about

Stained glass window broken by hailstone

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  • Wednesday 27 July 2022

The municipality of Lodi has begun a survey asking the area to declare a “state of disaster” due to the exceptional hailstorm on Tuesday evening, July 26th. “Those who, as a result of the tragic event, have suffered structural damage to their homes or production activities, are invited to fill in the attached form, to allow the municipality to send a preliminary assessment of the damage to the Lombardy region a report within the 7 days provided by law,” writes Broletto, who provides instructions and forms at the web address Completed forms must be submitted or delivered to Town Hall by next Monday 1 August at 8 am.

“It is emphasized that this notice at this stage is intended exclusively for the initial recognition of the damage inflicted in order to investigate a request for a natural disaster that the municipality of Lodi will refer to higher bodies,” specified the Furegato administration.

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