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Unflagging Imran urges SC to save democracy


ISALAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday requested the Supreme Court to make a move in stopping police aggression in Islamabad against peace keeping protesters.


Addressing participants at the ongoing protest, Khan appreciated those who sacrificed for the supremacy of the judiciary, adding that it was the responsibility of the Supreme Court to fulfill its constitutional role in order to protect democracy.

He made it clear that his protesters are not afraid of police and are ready to tackle them.


He vowed that a great number of protesters would come together at the sit-in point on coming Friday and would throw aside all hurdles and containers which are put in an illegal manner and also made a signal to a possible civil war in the country.

Meanwhile, the chairman of PTI himself went to get his supporters free from the custody of Islamabad police. The police had started to arrest the PTI participants and supporter after government’s announcing a crackdown against those protestors who intended to topple the government.

A massive amount of PTI supporters began to approach at D-Chowk after Imran’s call to display a huge public power at the completion of one month at holding the protest.

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