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UET received a menacing letter from IS


LAHORE: Security in the surrounding of the University of Engineering and Technology on Wednesday was beefed up as the university received a threatening note from Islamic State – a militant faction.


According to a police officer, the letter threatened to attack the university with a suicide attack or a series of bombings. UET public relations officer Dr. Tanvir Qasim confirmed that they received a letter via posted mail from unrecognized source. But, he said that the contents of the letter were indefinite for him.

As claimed by UET sources, the letter was received yesterday from unrecognized sources claiming to be from IS.


In the aftermath of this incident, the security around the university has been boosted with increased patrolling and checkpoints. DIG Ashraf said that search operation will be triggered in the UET belonging hostels to sweep-check the sites.

However, he further said that the letter could be a ‘practical joke’, but this can only be determined after investigation. Till then, he said, the threat would be considered gravely.

Moreover, the Civil Lines Police Division has also been put on high alert.

Meanwhile, intelligence agencies had issued a list of different universities declaring as under threat, of which UET, as maintained by sources, is not on that list.

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