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Three killed in Karachi suspected ‘sectarian attack’


KARACHI: Three people were killed in gun fire in the area of  North Karachi on Friday, according to police it may have sectarian motive.



Deceased Shamim Rizvi, Ali Sajjad and Hashim were reportedly travelling in a car at Namak Bank area comes under the jurisdiction of Taimooria police station, when unknown assailants opened fire at them.

Hashim and Ali Sajjad were dead on the spot whereas Shamim on the way to nearby hospital succumbed to his injuries.



“The victims were riding a motorbike and were attacked near Shafiq Mor,” the police official said, dawn reported.

Police will after gathering information from crime scene will disclose detail report on incident.

Police has published sketch of alleged one of the attacker, middle aged man wearing hat.


After Karachi operation initiated according to reports, city has saw visible decline in killings of all types of kinds.

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