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‘Strong’ Earthquake felt in parts of Pakistan


Residents of certain cities in Pakistan got a late night jolt on 5:27 AM. At this moment magnitude of earthquake is 5.3 and was measured at 29 kilometres deep and is registered as strong reportedly. Reports from around the country emerged regarding the Strong Earthquake shocks. Center of Earthquake was 23 kilometres east of the Jampur city. South Punjab region is mainly effected as per reports.Many people came out house due to fear. Regions include Multan, Khanewal, Vehari and DG Khan. Exact time and scale will be confirmed by meteorological department. Moreover reports from Jampur, Melsi, Vehari, Rajanpur and Chiniot region also confirmed the shocks. Residents of these cities posted updates on social media after the quake. Most devastating earthquake in Pakistan’s history also happened in October.


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