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Speaker of National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq rejects reference seeking disqualification of PM Nawaz


On Thursday, speaker of National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq rejected a reference seeking for the disqualification of PM Nawaz Sharif under the article 63(2) of the constitution.


Hearing to the reference filed by lawyer Muhammad Azhar Siddique and others, speaker said that
he was not bound to forward the same to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).Speaker briefed that
debate of National Assembly on 29th August reveals that allegations in the reference are factually
“Reference being legally and factually baseless does not result any disqualification under Article 63(2)
of the constitution and therefore, I decline to refer it to the ECP”, the speaker said it in his ruling.


The ruling stated that Article 62 applies on a person to be elected or chosen as a member of Parliament
prior to elections. He said, while referring to Article 66(1) of the constitution, any statement by a
member of sitting parliament member calls for an internal proceeding. Ayaz Sadiq also mentioned that
same article provides complete protection to a member of a Parliament from any proceeding for
anything said by him/her at any forum.
Article 66(1) describes that there shall be freedom of speech in Parliament and no member shall be
liable to any proceedings in any court in respect of anything said or any vote given by him in the
“The qualifications for membership of Parliament as laid down in article 62 of the constitution are
qualifications of the nature. Therefore, no notice can be given or entertained by the Speaker with
reference to the article 62 of the constitution as prayed , after the member has been elected by
electorate” he added.
In meantime, during the hearing of PM’s disqualification case, the bench of the apex court, lead
by Justice Jawad S Khawaja raised mechanism of invoking Article 62 and 63 in this matter.


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