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Zubaida Apa reportedly having dengue fever


KARACHI: Zubaida Tarip alias Zubaida Apa best known for her household tips has reportedly been ill for over a week.


According to her family members, she has been suffering from Dengue fever for at least eight days and been treated at home rather than shifted to hospital.

“Zubaida Apa was under treatment in home from last eight days,” told her family member.

Zubaida Tariq, who got popularity for her cooking show ‘Dalda Ka Daster Khaan’ used to be aired on stated channel PTV. But her popularity got escalated soon after her tips resolving issues related to kitchen and household. Ever since, she has been followed by most of the domestic ladies of Pakistan.


Meanwhile, Dengue fever has been a hazard for the country for quite long and the authorities have been deploying number of methods to deal with this threat. Although, arrangements have been seen on the heights during mid seasons, number of cases have been surfaced across the country.

In latest  report about Dengue, a 49-year-old lady Anwar Maai has lost her life in the wake of falling into Dengue fever in Benazir Bhutto hospital, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Reports are being coming saying at least 1800 Dengue victims have been admitted to various public hospitals in Rawalpindi.

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