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White Corolla rapist in Karachi sentenced for 15 years


KARACHI: A district and session court sentenced an alleged rapist along with his helper to prison for 15 years.


The court also convicted Ali Hajiano, notoriously known as the ‘white Corolla rapist’, and his accomplice Umair Khan, in three more robbery cases.

Both of these convicts were arrested in January 2009 in a much hailed crack on the crime that had entangled the DHA and Clifton women at the time. However, the decision of their sentence came six years after their detention.


“All sentences will be run concurrently,” the judge said. He also added that out of about a dozen cased related to the gang that are pending, two are scheduled to be heard in the coming week.

While the serial rapist and a member of the ‘White Corolla’ gang was characterised to bully women, Khan being a mechanic reportedly assisted Hajiano in altering the number plates of the cars utilized in crimes.

At least 35 cases of rape, attempting murder and robbery are filed against Hajiano, whom investigators describe as a heinous culprit who used to drive around in a white Toyota Corolla car to find women and even transgender persons to rape. The culprit, according to the investigators, was also seen begging on the roadside.

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