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Shafqat Hussain’s chapter closed, executed in Central Jail Karachi


KARACHI: Shafqat Hussain, convicted killer of a seven years child in 2004, was hanged to death early Tuesday morning (today) in Central Jail Karachi.


He was hanged shortly before dawn at Karachi Central Jail and allowed to meet his family one last time before midnight. His execution postponed four times this year. But despite the postponements, legal challenges and intense lobbying, all his appeals for mercy were ultimately turned down.


Shafqat was arrested in 2004 for kidnapping and killing of a seven-year-old boy from an apartment in Karachi where he was working as a security guard. Shafqat was sentenced to death in the same year. Earlier, his lawyer claimed that Shafqat was of 14 year in 2004 when he was charged with third degree such as he was burnt with cigarettes and had fingernails removed until he confessed to the killing of a child.

In wake of attack on Army Public School on Peshawar that left killing of 150 students and teachers, Pakistani Government has left ban from capital punishment. In 2015 till now, 193 convicts in jail across the country. Moreover, 8000 prison are awaiting execution as well.

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