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Mustafa Kamal announces rally of his newly formed party


Former Karachi Mayor Mustafa Kamal announced a rally of his newly formed political party, while talking to media on Sunday. So far, the name of the political party is not opted, Kamal upon his dramatic entry after self-exile of around three years announced this party along with Aness Qaimkhani at the presser held his DHA residence.


On Sunday, while talking to the media outside his residence in Karachi’s Clifton neighbourhood said that “The nation has given us a new responsibility. Time will tell how big the rally will be”, at the the time Kamal was accompanied with Aness Qaimkhani.


Days before he formed his political party, and so far he has got three MQM leaders in line with him and according to some of the reliable sources more MQM leaders are expected to join Kamal’s campaign against MQM.

Former Mayor of Karachi also told that he met Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Director Shahid Hayat earlier in the day.

“Shahid Hayat has asked us to share evidence of Altaf’s involvement with RAW,” said Kamal talking about his 10-15 minutes meeting with Hayat.

He also threw light on the detained MQM activists, and told that it would be his top priority to get them release.

“The party activists were turned into terrorists through brain washing. They committed those crimes on someone’s saying”, Kamal told while explicating his point.

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