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MQM sought Indian HC’s help over missing workers: Letters revealed


KARACHI: Supposedly written by Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), the letter in which the party asked the Indian High Commission to raise its voice to protect human rights ‘particularly in Karachi”.


In one letter, seems to be designed by Nasreen Jalil of the party’s central co-ordination committee, the party emphasises the ‘Lawlessness of law enforcement agencies’ and appealed the high commission to utilize its good offices ‘to improve the situation of urban Sindh’.


The signature of MQM senator is also placed in the bottom of the latter, and it dated June 18, 2015 and tells the HC that the provincial government did not form a monitoring committee to watch the operation and to oversee whether the activities of law enforcement agencies are well thought-out.

The letter reads, “The targeted operation in Karachi was initiated to bring law and order in the city but since then, 40 MQM workers have been killed in custody, 90 party workers are missing while hundreds are killed in target killings.”


In another latter dated July 30, it is said: “We have the honour to bring to your kind notice that inn workers and sympathisers of MQM have been arrested while they were going from Karachi to Hyderabad to attend a marriage ceremony on 29th July 2015′.


“We request your honour to kindly look into this matter and raise your voice for the safeguard and protection of human rights particularly in Karachi.”

Meanwhile, the MQM leader Farooq Sattar claimed that the letter to Indian HC was an error. He said in a press conference that no letter had been written to the Indian High Commission concerning the detention of party workers.

While on the other hand, another MQM leader Waseem Akhtar claimed that such letters are ‘routine’ practice.

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