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Militant carrying celebrity hit-list arrested from Karachi


KARACHI: Police in metropolitan city of Karachi have apprehended a militant carrying a hit-list of celebrities, models and fashion designers, a senior official said.


The list, observed by AFP, was seized from his possession while he was being questioned by police earlier this week.

The list includes names of number of television hosts, designers, fashion models, singers, actors, and other showbiz figures as targets.

Police did not clearly maintain to which militant group the suspect belonged; however, senior official Jamil Ahmed described him as a ‘rigid-minded radical’.

‘But the list is not typical for groups such as the Taliban, who more generally target political leaders and activists or members of religious minorities,’ said the official.


‘Showbiz figures haven’t come under attack in the past,’ he added.

Meanwhile, officials have previously said they believe a new breed of middle-class, modernised militants are emerging in Pakistan seeking greater ties to Islamic State group.

Murdering of Sabeen Mahmud, a renowned rights activist who was shot dead earlier this year, was officially blamed on Saad Aziz, a self-radicalised university graduate whom intelligence officials maintain is a clue that educated groups are emerging.

Her ruthless murder sent shockwaves through progressive society in Pakistan as it was taken as an attempt to silence dissent in Pakistan.

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