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Imran Khan accuses Najam Sethi of invlovement in ’70 punctures, not just 35′


KARACHI: PTI chairman Imran Khan talking to the media on Karachi airport, accused Najam Sethi, plays more of his part in the rigging as he is not just involved in ’35 punctures’. Adding that Sethi is involved in “70 punctures.”


“We did not contest [35 punctures allegation] it in judicial commission because our captain of the team, Abdul Hafeez Peerzada said there were 70 and not just 35 punctures,” said PTI chief.

Imran Khan also told that Sethi himself had accepted that in last 10 days, when he was appointed as caretaker CM, all of the orders were taken by Nawaz and Shahbaz.


He claimed that Nawaz Sharif rewarded Najam Sethi for playing his part in rigging in 2013 elections and for this purpose he was appointed as chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board twice and was also given a tax write-off worth Rs15 million.

He also lambasted Zardari for his anti-army comments and Sindh government for breaking all previous records of corruption.

On question about MQM funded by RAW, he said that former RAW chiefs had not denied allegations about the funding.

He also said that when MQM can purse legal against him then why not they do so that with BBC.

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  1. Astonishing similarities with AK49 this guy has.

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