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Heatwave, Load-shedding in Karachi, Sindh left 150 dead


KARACHI: At least 150 people have been killed in Karachi due to heatwave and high temperature, as residents come to grips with frequent power and water shortage during Ramadan, reported by Radio Pakistan.


On Friday, at least 150 people have died due to heat wave during the last two days in Karachi which has seen temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius. Most of them were aged patients with heatstroke brought to the hospitals had high-fever and dehydration.

According to hospital management of the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), 55 people were reported dead with heat related symptoms. “Around 30 people were brought dead at JPMC,” says joint executive director of the medical facility Dr Seemin Jamali. She also said that 20 persons died during treatment, adding that these people died due to heat stroke.Esdi

Dozens were brought to private and public hospitals with complaints of dehydration and low blood pressure. Abbasi Shaheed Hospital confirmed 20 people died due to heat stroke, including those who breathed their last on the way to hospital. Moreover, “Six persons were brought dead at Civil Hospital.” management of the Civil Hospital said. Officials also added that all people died due to heat stroke.


According to sources, nine people died in parts of Lyari while at least two persons died in Keamari area. Some of the people were referred to tertiary care hospitals from private hospitals. Most of them were brought to JPMC.


Meteorological Department of Pakistan said temperatures would likely fall down in the coming days, but doctors have advised avoiding exposure to the sun and wearing light cotton clothes. Load shedding cuts in water supply system of Karachi, effecting the need of millions of gallons of water to consumers.

Karachi University in a statement said that it had postponed the exams for at least one month due to the extreme weather.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has took the serious notice of the load-shedding and has warned five electric distribution companies that they would not be tolerated for power shortage during Ramadan, according to Radio Pakistan.1232132

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