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Danger of cyclone Ashubha: 144 imposed in Karachi



KARACHI: Having concerns at the possibility of cyclone Ashubha to hit the shore, the Sindh government imposed section 144 in Karachi’s coastal areas.

Reportedly, at a distance of about 1575 km south of the country, in the Arabian Sea shattered clouds show an area of potential development of a well-marked low pressure area. The Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre Karachi has been monitoring the situation and conditions. If any chance of cyclone development, a weather advisory will be issued.

At the moment, fishermen have been permitted to perform their routine work and activities in the sea and have not been prohibited from fishing. So far, none of the Pakistan’s coastal areas have been declared to be under hazard from the cyclone.


Advisory panels and concerned authorities have been advised to keep themselves up to date with the latest development regarding weather and keep themselves abreast about weather advisories of Pakistan Metrological Department in the days to come.

As usual, despite the government’s imposition of section 144 on Karachi’s coastal area, the public seemed to be paying no heed to the prohibition. Keeping in view the possibility of cyclone Ashubha wreaking havoc, related authorities have begun taking precautionary measures to protect the public.

Meanwhile, the imposition of 144 says that public isn’t allowed to bath in the sea. While, Karachiites maintain that sea is the only place in the entire city for recreation, as the public enjoy it.

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