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Ayesha Omar, Azfar Rehman met grave accident, asked for prayers


The famous TV/Film actress Ayesha Omar and her friend actor/director Azfar Rehman were travelling on Super Highway Karachi to Hyderabad when their vehicle had collided with another auto at about 5am, December 18.


Initially, the accident was reported by Faysal Qureshi, informing the public about this tragedy and requested to pray for them.


Their car fell into a ditch after being collided with another auto. They were rushed to Jamshoro Hospital and transported to Karachi’s South City Hospital via ambulance after have received first aid. Azfar received severe injuries in head, while Ayesha’s neck received two fractures.

Ayesha and Azfar were also accompanied by Anoushey Ashraf and Abbas Jafri during the journey; however there in a separate auto.

Both these friends were busy in their separate projects where Azfar Rehman was shooting for his upcoming serial ‘Intezar Tera’. Both of them had been friends for ten years. Ayesah Omar has got enormous fame after Nabeel’s sitcom ‘Bulballe’, which is still being aired after enjoying vast popularity of about 5 years.

According to updates, both the artists are recovering from injuries.



Plz pray for ayesha omer and azfar rheman

Posted by Faysal Quraishi on Thursday, December 17, 2015








Report on Accident Video:

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