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50% less killings recorded so far in 2015 in Karachi: Police report


KARACHI: The threat of killings in Karachi premises has witnessed significant decline by at least 50 per cent during the first half of the year following in the wake of operation of law enforcement agencies, the report says.


The police report says, more than 501 people killed in instances of killings from January 1, 2015 to June 30th this year. While during the same period of time last year, the figure recorded as 1062.

The report explained that during the year of 2011, approximately 2,042 people lost their lives due to killings, followed by 24,03 in 2012; 2,789 in 2013; 1,823 in 2014.


During the first half of 2015, law enforcement agencies had 956 encounters where 424 crooks were put squeezed while 17,103 culprits were apprehended during police operations.

In combating against crooks and militants in the city, almost 55 policemen embraced martyrdom this year. while in 2014, the number of martyred was 142.

Further, rangers along with Sindh police had launched a solemn operation against the target killer in the big city. The move was provoked after continuous incidents of target killings were recorded in Karachi causing number of lives of innocent citizens.

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