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Shahbaz Sharif applauds Ayesha Mumtaz, gives free hand to PFA


LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif applauded and gave free hand to director operation Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Ayesha Mumtaz for her efforts in the campaign against those who are selling unhygienic and adulterated food items.


Tweet shared by Chairman of the Punjab IT Board shows Ayesha Mumtaz is receiving a appreciation shield from the CM Punjab for his work for PFA.


According to PFA facebook page, authority conducted has raids against more than thousand units and took action against more than 500 restaurants and also issued notice to 284 shopkeepers for improvement of cleanliness so far.

Specially in Lahore PFA has raided top restaurants and bakeries  it seems that raiding team has given complete power to exercise their authority.

Coming back to Ayesha Mumtaz it not only Chief Minister Punjab is impressed by the work of director operation PFA, on social media, journalists and people applauding Mumtaz for her work.

Some Tweets about Ayesha Mumtaz:





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