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Samina Baig got injuries while climbing K-2


Samina baig, the first Pakistani woman mountaineer to climb Mount Everest, got injured while climbing the second highest peak of the world K-2.


Samina Baig is currently trying to climb K-2 and on her way to reach the top, she got injured. The accident occurred while she was moving up from Camp-1 to Camp-2.

As per initial reports, she was jumping over a rock when she lost her balance and hit a sharp rock. She was then immediately taken back to the base camp.


Last week, Samina and her brother, Mirza Ali had climbed up to Camp-1 with a plan to move on to Camp-2 but due to heavy snow on the mountain, they were forced to move downwards instead of upwards.

Samina baig is also the first Pakistani woman to climb seven highest peaks of all the seven continents. She belongs to Gilgit-Baltistan and mountaineering is her passion. Keeping in view her previous achievements it is obvious that she would definitely climb K-2 as well very soon.


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