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Zaid Hamid latest: Sentenced for 8-years with 1,000 lashes in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia has granted eight years sentence with 1,000 lashes to Pakistani political analyst Zaid Hamid over criticising the Kingdom of Arabia.


Hamid was detained during a private visit to the Saudi Arabia about a month ago apparently over making hateful speeches against the Saudi government.

According to the Foreign Office spokesperson Qazi Khalilullah’s news briefing of last week in Islamabad, the Pakistani embassy in Riyadh had informed him that Zaid was arrested about two weeks ago. The embassy had been working with the local authorities to get consular access.


It was reported that Hamid laid into Saudi Arabia over the Yemen crisis and also made a charge against them for giving financial add to Al-Qaeda and ISIS in the region.

During this excursion to the Kingdom, the controversial defence analyst was accompanied with his second wife Tayyaba Bukhari. After his detention, his wife strove to get her husband out of all this but the latest she had to leave Saudi territory as her visa limits came to an end and she arrived Pakistan.

Zaid Hamid is one of those analysts who always boast and emphasise on patriotism. He is famous and followed by many Pakistanis due to his blunt stance against Indian spy agency Research & Analysis Wing (RAW)’s involvement in the country. Zaid used to be open against every element that could undermine the country.

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  1. Mahabub shareef

    should use all the resources to liberate Ziad hamid. Without him the
    pakistani army will lose guidance and who will guide them about the
    6th-7th Generation warfare.

    Nawaz sharif should immediately call saudi
    authorities and demand the release of great Analyst , Ashiq e
    rasool, warfare specialist, security analyst, patriot zaid hamid from
    Jail. He is a true patriot and we need his guidance to accomplish the

    This sentence by saudis proves the words of zaid hamid
    that the saudi royal family has lost their way and are no more true
    muslims. Pakistani Army, Navy and Airforce should prepare for the
    upcoming fight with the Saudis and their American Backers. What use are
    the nuclear weapons if we cant liberate a true patriot like Zaid Hamid.

    We pakistanis can take care of the “beloved places”. Rest of saudi
    arabia can be handled by us. The saudis really dont have the power to
    fight the Mighty Pakistani Army. Zaid Hamid would soon be rising the
    flag of Pakistan over Riyadh and New Delhi. He is the mix of Salahuddin Ayyubi and Amir taimur.

    • Good luck

    • it s over for hamid and you pakis can do nothing except scream like hijdas

      • WELL FUCK YOU ! cs u half cast black assed hindi tryna be gora wd never try to speak or even fight in foreign land i think thats enf for u to figure out hw much of (hijda) instinct uv got…check the cells thousands of hindi locked up nd ur so called biggest hijda land of east cant do nthin abt it ….take a print out of my comment roll it dip it in cooking oil nd shove it up ur dirty black ass….thank u …nd fuck off!!!!

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