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Sharif brothers buying politicians, blamed Imran Khan



Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan said on Sunday; The wildlife reverse of change Manga has become a hub for corrupt politicians who sell their obedience for vast sums and benefits.


“Politicians are being auctioned in Change Manga,” he told during a public gathering at Jalalpur Peerwala in Multan ahead of by-elections in NA-153.

“The Sharif brothers are purchasing consciences of politicians. These buying politician will never take a stand for public rights,” the PTI chief thundered, challenging the government backed-contested in the constituency.

Imran Khan said that politicians who cannot keep their honesty intact would not be able to serve people with integrity and fair play. “The opportunist politicians could only serve their personal interests… all these politicians are money making machines… the aim of these politicians is not serving the masses but to make money by hook and by crook,” Imran Khan said, “Time has come to vanquish corrupt rulers. ”


The PTI Chairman blamed the top leaders of PML-N of the worst of horse trading. Imran Khan cited the example of Qasim Noon the PML-N selected candidate for NA-153. When PML Noon was in PPP, he came to Shah Mahmood Qureshi for Party ticket yet he swapped side again and now he is in PML-N.

Imran Khan said that farmers are suffering at the cost of the Metro Bus Project.

Poor and innocent farmers made foolish by the name of the Kissan package. The government provides a candy to farmers in one hand and snatched by another hand. Janagir Tareen and Shah Mahmood Qureshi also addressed the crowd.

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