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Punjab Food Authority to launch a new restaurant grading app


After recent triumphs re discovering and fining the substandard restaurants across the Punjab, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has now come with another step towards standardizing restaurants.


In order to grad restaurants in Punjab, the authority is finishing the transition with a new app that has been developed by Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). It has been confirmed by a press release on PITB website that an app was under development for PFA to help automate the process of complaints and food checking practices.

According to PITB, the app will be helping PFA in documenting and monitoring restaurants making the process of information dealing with much easier and more convenient. PITB has already helped Punjab Revenue Authority to automate the process of checking restaurant bills to improve tax collection.


PITB held training sessions for the PFA android app making safety officials duly learn the working of the app. Smooth operation of app date management was also explained during the training session.

PITB also detailed how to fetch real time information using the online PFA dashboard. The dashboard summarises all the data conveyed via the app and supports PFA watch restaurants lessening field operations.

Initially, the app to function for restaurants in Lahore and it will enable the officials to rate restaurants in accordance with the data fetched following a sized standard. The concerned authorities have devised to roll out a future update allowing officials collect data from the public.

The app will also contain a complaint forum enabling the public to use the app to inform the authorities regarding any irregularities found during inspections to the restaurants.

The app will also help the users who can us grading information to make their meal plans accordingly.

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