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PFA sealed Gourmet Gulberg branch on directives of Aysha Mumtaz


An inspection team visited the branch to check inside bakery area and found pizza had been prepared in the room used as washroom.


The team discovered cartoons containing Rusk were placed inside that very room as well.

The inspection team went to seal the branch right away after finding substantial evidences against the standard for food processing. They also took some items along with them in order to send them for further test in the laboratory.





Meanwhile, this is not for the first time that a scandal related to unhygienic situation in any of the branch of Gourmet is found. A video came out and was aired on TV channels few years back that revealed filthy environment inside the bakery.

Punjab Food Authority has been set up under the ‘Punjab Food Authority Act 2011’ to make sure the availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption. It aims at laying out standards for food products and to regulate their manufacturing, storage, distribution, sale and import.

The inspection teams lead by Aysha Mumtaz regularly inspect the leading hotels, restaurants, bakeries etc. to ensure the standards of their preparing the food that has been eagerly eaten by the public. The director, Aysha Mumtaz, also imposes heavy fine on those that found careless regarding cleanliness in their kitchens and food processing area.

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