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NA-122 campaign: Is Reham Khan back in politics?


NA-122 election campaign is at its peak, no doubt both the parties; PML-N and PTI are striving to be sworn as unofficial ‘Sultan of Lahore’. The recent public gathering in Lahore by PTI leaves a question, whether Reham Khan is back in politics or it was a normal gesture.


Reham Khan was accompanying Imran Khan enroute to Lahore public gathering. Mrs Imran Khan looked quite confident as usual, according to some of the analysts this could be her come-back in politics.

Reham began her political career with Haripur by-elections campaign but Imran Khan wasn’t pleased with it, openly restricted her  political activities.

Recently, a senior journalist also claimed that Imran Khan’s marriage with Reham Khan is at verge of collapse and it doesn’t seems that everything will settle out between them. Both of them called such news absurd and castigated the journalist.

The veteran journalist also claimed that major point of conflict between both, husband and wife is on Reham khan’s political involvement, as it seems Reham Khan is willing to do so.

Some sources also claim that Reham Khan will be holding a women rally in the constituency ahead of NA-122 by-elections, which will be held on 11 October.


It isn’t sure about Reham Khan’s political career as she was seen sitting among the audience of public gathering, was not on the leaders or accompanying Imran Khan.




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  1. Thought Khan was a man of his word_ of the people, by the people, for the people. Obviously not. Bringing this woman in( only relation by marriage) is spelling disaster for PTI- all his hard work for the past 20 years is going to go down the drain. Wake up, Khan and take notice of your people! We don’t want her in any shape or form. PTI is becoming the same as other parties. Our faith is declining.

    • I agree with you sir. This lady has been nothing but trouble for the Khan. She has brought all his hard work to nothing. Just wish he would wake up and sort his life out. Thus is going to end in disaster. I think Pti will go down rapidly because of this unbelievably embarrassing women. Every time she opens her mouth she embarrasses the Khan and herself. Her children are embarrassing too. Always in photos and selfies then by this vile woman. Get rid of her Khan, or she’ll get rid of you and then it will be too late.

  2. Here she comes to wreck the day!!!!!!!!

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