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Mehreen Shafaq barred to continue campaign against GCU till charges proven


LAHORE: A female-student wearing veil is barred by the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Thursday from starting campaign against the varsity on social media without proving the charges she made against Lahore’s Government College University’s (GCU) administration.


Justice Aijazul Hassan ordered the student to stop her campaign against GCU on social media until the court decides the matter.

Earlier, Mehreen Shafaq filed a petition to the court in which she claimed that the GCU had discriminated against her since she was in veil at the time of admission interview for BSc Applied Management program.

The issue appealed the public on social media after she uploaded a video message on her Facebook profile alleging the GCU administrator had treated her with discrimination and objected her wearing veil.

Shafaq had said in the video that she was asked by the coordinator of GCU that her application could not be acceptable under the new policy of the department that says no admission for students who cover their faces.


She said that upon her insistence her interview was carried out by the director of Management Science Department (MSD) who told during the interview that the department did not entertain the applicants having face veil.

He informed her that women college and girls universities are there for students like you, claimed Shafaq.

The student emphatically said in her video message that it was the right of every woman to follow any Islamic rules ‘in this Islamic Republic of Pakistan’.

On the other hand the GCU’s administration argued in the court that Shafaq was not denied for admission to GCU on the grounds that she puts on a face veil but her not meeting the varsity’s merit criteria was the reason behind her being rejected.

After attending to the arguments from both sides, the court adjourned the hearing for two weeks.

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