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How Orange Line Metro Train Lahore to look like? 3D Video shows all


The Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif shared a 3D Video, showing how the Orange Line to move within Lahore protecting historical buildings and monuments.


The video is released in order to address all the false gossips being related to the mega project. The video shows in detail whole the track of the Line and to where it will be moving to where. It is explicitly shown in the special video that how it continues its journey covering various important points of the city.

All the historical buildings, monuments, etc. of the ancient city are not disturbed while placing the line for the special train.


Meanwhile, the special video produced and shared couple of days after when an open letter criticizing the Orange Line was written to the CM. Responding the letter, the Commissioner of the city has said that Punjab government and the city’s administration are advocates and proponents of socially and culturally sensitive development.

“As hands-on practitioners, we encounter issues that require balancing acts of diverse nature,” said the commissioner.

He maintained that any stumbling block in the way of this project’s line would send all the false signals to Beijing as the project details have been sanctified by bilateral, sovereign framework treaty.

Here is the 3D Video:

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