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Gang in Lahore blackmailing lady doctors, harassing by hacking their FB, Whatsapp


LAHORE: A group of wicked unidentified persons is allegedly involved in harassing young lady doctors of government hospitals in the provincial capital by disguising themselves as spies.


The organized group has allegedly hacked number of Facebook and Whatsapp accounts belonging to female doctors in order to have access to their personal life, photos and the stuff like that to blackmail them.

So far, they have reportedly harassed seven female medics and grabbed Rs15,000 from one of them.

According to resources, initially seven lady doctors belonging to different hospitals courageously bring the issue to the concerned authorities. “The victim medics may be in dozens as many ‘terrified lady doctors’ prefer to pay to ‘unknown callers’ the small amount which ranges from Rs15,000 to Rs30,000 rather than to take risk of getting their personal profiles uploaded on the internet,” said the official privy to the information.

As stated the official, this mean cybercrime was going unchecked as callers introduced them as senior officials of major spy agencies of Pakistan. “They give a strict message to the target lady doctors that they are not accountable to police or any other law enforcement agencies,” he said.


The scam came to light after the suspects extended the crime from one hospital to other state-run medical institutions when they felt that these lady doctors are easy target for them.

A Mayo Hospital female medical officer recently let her senior colleges know about her receiving calls from a person who introduced himself as ‘Maj Asim’ belonging to a sensitive agency. She said that this person has been continuously harassing her even after getting Rs15,000 from her.

The caller demanded her to send the money via Easy Paisa Service if she wants to keep her appearances. He admonished the lady that he would upload her photos, mobile number and other private information on the net if she did not send him money.

The victim lady doctor told the who thing to her relatives later on who managed to get information that the money was withdrawn from Multan.

In another such narrative, the culprit introduced himself as ‘Capt Nabeel’.

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