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Drop scene of Kasur Child Abuse Scandal begins


KASUR: It can be said bad luck of a country, which is already suffering with different issues, has to face the controversial allegations produced by the biased people and irresponsible media reporters. The drop scene of Kasur Child Abuse Scandal, which was painted as the biggest scandal of Pakistan history, has begun.


A scandal that shocked the entire nation, took a new turn on Saturday after police reported that the whole drama was planted to occupy the 19 acres of government land. It was nothing just the result of an old fight between two feudal groups, Master Zafar and Sheerazi groups.

The scandal that was reported occurred in Kasur, took place in a village Hussain Wala. According to initial news, a gang of 20 to 25 men had filmed as many as 400 videos of sexual abuse involving at least 280 children. 280 children means there must be 280 families in the village. It is surprising that there are 280 families in a small village.


The videos that was submitted to the police revealed that several teenagers being sexually abused. But even a single video didn’t show the face of anyone both teenagers and criminals. Moreover, initial investigation by police department states that these can be downloaded videos as well from the internet.

DPO Rai Babar Saeed said that five members of the Sheerazi groups, Haseem Amir, Feezan Majeed, Basharat Cheema, Ali Majeed and Abdul Manan were under arrest while one was on bail. DPO accused Master Zafar group of putting pressure on their rivals for the sake of getting land.

To a question, RPO said that only seven videos were genuine while 50 to 60 videos were downloaded from the internet. Meanwhile, RPO Kasur admitted that some incidents of child abuse took place in Kasur over a period of seven years. He said some of the incidents of sodomy were also filmed. But today one group tried to take advantage of those few cases to occupy the 19 acres government land.

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  1. Apne Bacche ka nam Kon dunya ko sunai ga bol
    Inquiry koi inquiry nahi Sab khabees zulm ko chupatay hain
    Kiya tum logon ne kabhi kisi masoom bacche ko doodh nahin pilaya
    us ke masoom honton par Allah ka nam nahin suna kiya tum ne kabhi kisi little baby ko lori suna kar nahi solaya
    men 2 sal ke bacche ka bap

    tum log jinhon ne in bacchon ki masoomiyat ko chori karne ki koshish ki
    Tum mard nahi ho tum ghaleez napak nijasat se bhi neech ho tum ghaleez is qabil nahi meri talwar tumhari gardanon ko maray

    I address the people who dared to defile these little innocent children:

    Tum dua karo mere hathon ke beech tumhari gardanen na ayen ….you would pray for death long before I removed your hands

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