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DG PFA Ayesha Mumtaz seized allegedly pig meat from Lahore


LAHORE: A Punjab Food Authority (PFA) team under Director General Ayesha Mumtaz has found out a considerable amount of suspected pork (pig meat) being sold near Lahore Railway Station.


The PFA DG Ayesha Mumtaz said while talking to media that the raid was carried out after receiving a tip off that pork is being provided and sold in the center of the city in the guise of beef and mutton. Beside selling the pig meat, its fat was also being used for the making of ice cream.

“The Chief Minister Punjab has ordered us to check the supply of carcass meat strictly after the previous instances of confiscation of donkey and horse meat. The supply has been seized and samples are sent to laboratory for a test to determine whether it is actually ‘pork’ or some other form of substandard meat,” said the DG PFA.

The supplier has been detained and handed over to police for further looking into the matter so to nip bud before it goes to harm the health of the people.


Earlier, the PFA has carried out number of raids across the Punjab under the DG Ayesha Mumtaz and has siezed large number of samples, has fined many restaurants and put many on seal. However, the team has been after the unhygienic conditions in the restaurants but what they discovered was beyond their thinking. In many place, they seized donkey, horse, and dog meat being sold to the restaurants.

But this is what we call the worst situation when they found the meat of pig, which is utterly banned in Islamic state since it is not permissible in Islamic religion whatsoever.


Ayesha Mumtaz

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