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Centaurus Mall Islamabad introduces Entry Coupon of Rs100 for visitors


ISLAMABAD: The Centaurus Mall Islamabad has introduced an Entry Coupon of Rs.100 for the visitors in order to ensure the convenience in shopping for its valued customers.


Earlier there was no such entry coupon for the entry in Centaurus Mall and a large number of visitors come to Centaurus on daily basis. The number of visitors has been increasing day by day and it has become almost difficult for most of the customers to buy something.

Enrty Coupon Sample:

Centaurus Mall Islamabad

In order to tackle this situation and to stop the overflow of unnecessary visitors who come just for window shopping, the administration has decided to introduce the entry coupon for the visitors.


However, the amount of coupon will be adjustable in the shopping that the visitor does from the Centaurus Mall but only on the same day of visit.

On the other hand, the administration has also exempted some of the professionals from the entry coupon after showing their professional identity cards. Some of the people exempted from the entry coupon include children under 12 and women, judges, advocates, journalists, MNA’s, MPA’s, armed forces personnel, old age citizens, special people, police, teachers of universities, doctors, government employees and many others.

Paper cutting:


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  1. I have been shopping in this Mall for quite some time now, there are a couple of reasons we go there, you get respect from the staff and your family don’t get stared by some weirdo’s.. But since they started Metro it was impossible for me to Eat at Food court or shop because you get pushed by people on crowded elevators. I noticed people asking for free refills again and again at Hardee’s and staff getting annoyed.. Its a good step, I think the Entry coupon should costs 500Rs Per person. as people started to abuse that place really.

  2. i stand with the authorities for this decision (which is being reversed) it was a good step because most of as they call themselves PINDI BWAYS go there for POONDI and seriously, hamari qaum us had tak sab kuch karti hai jo soch bhi nahin saktay, and at the end of the day they’ll say this politician is like this and that politician is like that wtf we break signals we drive cars and bikes on wrong ways we will tease others sisters and mothers we will do our best to damage the image of a PAKISTANI and then we expect that we should get everything, for what all is happening in pakistan we deserve much worse yeh to bht acha hai. apnay gerebaan main jhaanko to pta chalay… i condemn this relaxation cuz i want that my sisters and mothers are not teased by perverts who only come for POONDI

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