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Ahmadiyya community: Punjab Assembly to adopt resolution against Wajid Shamsul Hasan


LAHORE: An unanimous resolution was adopted on Friday in Punjab Assembly denouncing former High Commissioner to UK Wajid Shamsul Hasan’s statements allegedly considering Ahmadi people as Muslims.


The statement having been attributed to Hasan in an Urdu daily raised much hue and cry in the House on Thursday and ignited debate which ended today with MPA Waheed Gul bringing about a resolution.

The resolution denounced the former envoy’s statements in which he upheld that former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto’s move to call Ahmadis non-Muslims was off beam and wrong.


The resolution emphatically maintained that the remarks hurt the sentiments of Muslims and called upon the federal government to take legal action against Hasan for making a statement in opposition to the move that was made in the National Assembly in by gone days.

On Thursday, MPAs belonging to treasury as well as opposition benches asked for a joint resolution be passed to denounce the statement. Uttering several slogans in the House, MNAs including MPAs Ilyas Chinioti, Dr Farzana Nazeer, Mian Aslam Iqbal and Qazi Ahmad Saeed, came out to slam the statement and the person who spoke these words.

Mian Aslam Iqbal was of the view that Hassan should be discarded from all government posts and be deprived from all awards. Meanwhile, Pakistan Peoples Party leader Qazi Ahmad Saeed came with demanding an FIR be registered against Hassan.

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  1. Shame on these corrupt and dishonest and terrorists and fundamentalist supporters in the Punjab Assembly. One should listen to Shamsul Hassan speech which is full of truth.

  2. Ahmadis keep firing shots at Pakistan…they have been doing this since 1974..what do Ahmadis expect? Peace?

    • No one needs to shoot at Pakistan, Pakistan itself picked up the gun when it elected to call Ahmadis as non-Muslim, It raised the gun to its temple when it accepted Zia ul Haq as their leader and it pulled the trigger when its citizens were allowed to kill Ahmadis with Impunity. So no, Pakistan in its current form is already dead because of citizens like you who represent the nation.

      • I dont represent Pakistan, I represent the USA, since I worked for them for many years. Capiche?

        Pak had a civil war and new constitution in the early 1970’s, Arabia had banned Ahmadis in that time-frame as well. However, Pak left you people alone, but when your youth attacked a train full of students…you were then brought to court and declared non-Muslim.

        Read some academic sources and stop being brainwashed by the Mirza family..


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