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PTI takes PML-N to task over price-spikes in Ramazan Bazaar


Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has accused PML-N government of continuing deception, as got revealed by 60% to 100 % rise in the price of daily commodities ,in Ramazan bazaar.


PTI’s Punjab President, Ejaz Chaudhary, censured the government of failing to abide by their commitments, and that man on the street is finding it extremely difficult to arrange for a proper Sehri and Aftar, in the presence of rampant dearness.

He attributed the situation to the utter collapse of the price-regulatory mechanisms, which are under the defective supervision of  food minister, Bilal Yasin, and MNA ,Hamza Shahbaz.  Chaudhary reprimanded them of incurring huge losses of millions in the public treasury, by visiting showy and good-for-nothing plush visits. He urged all the shopkeepers not to conform to the price lists.


Dr. Yasmin Rashid, Secretary-General, PTI Punjab, has also criticized the government of raising the prices of medicines from 30 to 80 percent in Ramazan, especially when people suffer from stomacaches frequent in the month.

Andleeb Abbas, Information Secretary, PTI Punjab, exposed government’s inability to keep its commitment of “no loadshedding during Sehr and Aftar.” She demanded prompt cessation of unscheduled loadshedding.


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