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Only one loudspeaker is allowed: Govt of Punjab


RAWALPINDI: The Punjab government has imposed a ban on the use of more than one loudspeaker in worship places.


Place of worship means a mosque, imambargah, church, temple or any other place of worship of any sect or religion as specified in the Section 2(c) of the Punjab Sound Regulation Ordinance (PSRO), 2015.

For the fulfillment of orders, the police have been strictly directed to launch crackdown on the violators of the ban under PSRO, 2015. Section 7(1) of the PSRO, 2015 empowers the police officer not below the rank of Assistant Sub Inspector to seize any sound system used or reasonably suspected to have been used in the commission of an offence under this Ordinance.


Section 6 of the  Ordinance clearly states that if a person contravenes any provision of Section 3 or 4, he shall be liable to punishment of imprisonment which may extend to six months and fine which shall not be less than twenty five thousand rupees but shall not exceed one hundred thousand rupees.

The police said only one external sound system at a place of worship for the purpose of Azan, Arabic Khutba delivered on a Friday or on Eid prayers, announcement of death of a person, lost or found of a thing or person will be allowed as allowed by the Subsection (2) of Section (3) of the Ordinance.

The declared purpose of the PSRO 2015 is to prevent public nuisance and the voicing of the utterances of a controversial nature likely to cause public disorder.

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  1. Muhammad Tayyab Mir

    ordinance sirf ibadat gahoon mein sound system istamal kerney k liay nafiz karna bhohat bari ziyadati hy jab k nach ghane degar buraiun mein sound system k istimal k baray mein khuli shuti dena muslim mulk mein sawalia nishan??????????????????????? hey kia is ordinance sey buraiyoon ki hausala afzai nahein ho gi

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