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Navroz and Fatima Facebook informs so much: Teenage suicide Karachi case


KARACHI:A 16-year-old schoolboy Nav roz  shot his female classmate Fatima  and turned the pipe of his pistol towards himself to ending his own life in a private school in Karachi, Nav roz hails from Islamaili community according his facebook account.


Sources said, a school going student opened fire on his class-fellow during the assembly session at a private school in Karachi’s Patel Para area to kill her and he himself committed suicide afterwards with the same weapon.

Later, two ‘suicide’ letters got discovered from the assembly grounds. In these letters, the tragic students addressed their respective parents. Both of them clearly stated in their letters that their act of committing suicide was due to their parents’ unwillingness for their marriages.

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They also requested in their letters that their bodies should be laid to rest next to each other.

According to the sources, both the children immediately died on the spot and were shifted to nearby hospital for legal formalities and were handed over to their respective families afterwards.

“Police have recovered a 9mm pistol and two casings of its bullets from the crime scene,” Superintendent of Police (SP)

Jamshed Town Police Station Akhtar Farooq said.


Nav roz L: Facebook Photo









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