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Motorcycle Helmets Karachi: Citizens refuses to wear helmet, shows cold response


 KARACHI: The campaign started by the government to wear compulsory helmet in Karachi from June 8 could not get the positive response from the citizens as the concerned authorities were expecting. Citizens showed a cold response for this compulsion especially by the women.


The police official said in this regard that one day was given to the citizens to warn them against the violation of helmet wearing but from today fines are being imposed on the violators to ensure that people should wear helmet on bikes.

The section officer of the Defence Chowki, Fehmida Abbasi, said that they already have issued around 100 challans to motorcyclists without helmets. She was of the view that it is not possible for the police to make every rider wear helmet at once.


“One can see at least the motorcyclist, if not the pillion rider, wearing the helmet”, she pointed out. Abbasi said they had received orders from the headquarters to initiate the drive from today (Tuesday). She has been warning female pillion motorcyclists to buy helmets, only to be laughed back. “They complaint it won’t be possible for them to wear helmets and some think I am cracking jokes with them”, she added.

Another police official, Idrees assured that the campaign is in full swing now. However, he was reluctant to force women to wear the safety gear. “There is already a petition against the drive in the Sindh High Court”, he said. He further added that although they have not yet received any notice, but are careful in this regard and are not very strict with females for the time being.

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