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Ministry rejects to show Ishaq Dar’s assets


Islamabad: PTI asks Ishaq Dar, finance minister to reveal his assets and also tell about his way of income. On this spokesperson of ministry rejected the appeal and explained the affair in these words, “mischief mongering, height of ignorance and harping on the same thing”.


He, talking about the letter to Imran Khan by Ishaq Dar, letter states that all of the details about his sources of income and assets have been regularly reported in his tax returns which Dar have filed with the Federal Board of Revenue.

“Details of his assets are also annually filed with Election Commission of Pakistan, which makes the same public through gazette notification and anybody can access this information and details,” the spokesperson added.

The spokesperson clarified that Imran Khan’s claim of finance minister sending money to his sons in Dubai. Minister actually received from his son from Dubai to Pakistan through proper and llegal banking channels in settlement of loans given to his sons, out of his professional earning abroad during the period 2002 to 2008.


Ishaq Dar was then working as financial advisor and ex-officio Chief Executive. He also told that after receiving letter which clarified everything, despite this PTI’s spokesperson started baseless propaganda in order to mislead people at large.

PTI and PML-N, war of ‘blaming’

PTI and PML-N both are the parties which have caused a lot financial damage to our country, they are not prepared to solve out problems of each other and are just throwing blames on each other.

Talking about the recent political loss in form of sit-ins raises difficulties for all nation, and this large term scandal ends up without any proper meaning.

Afer the sit-ins government , set by PML-N claimed loss of RS 800 Billions due to sit-ins by PAT and PTI. On this many bussiness experts and Former Finance Minister Selman Shah disagreed the statement by government.

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