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Live Updates: NA-246 by-election underway under strict security


KARACHI: NA-246 by-elections are underway among three strong candidates namely Kanwar Naveed Jameel of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Imran Ismail of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and Rashid Naseem of the Jamaat-i-Islami (JI).


Polling both and stations are under the control of Rangers. According to sources, counting process will be also conducted by the Rangers. Parties are strongly alleging each others for interrupting and using illegal means.

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Live Updates:

03: 58 PM: Today elections will generate a positive results in future: Commissioner Karachi

03: 56 PM: NA-246 by elections will be free and fair: Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Siddiqui.

03:53 PM: Returning Officers proposes not to extend polling time.

03:50 PM: ECP called for report from Returning Officer to consider the extension in polling time.

03: 20 PM: Load shedding in variuos polling stations besides the announcement of no-load shedding in NA-246.

03: 15 PM: 22 complaints against irregularities have been received by now: ECP

03: 15 PM: PTI and MQM workers are head to head in Comprehensive School

03: 04 PM: Vote casting on NADRA’s token is not allowed: ECP

03:00 PM: Media is not allowed to broadcast advertisement against or in favour of any political part.

02: 55 PM Our workers are brave. Thousands of people are still waiting to cast their vote: Altaf Hussain

02: 55 PM: MQM candidate Kanwar Naveed Jameel send letter to EC for irregularities in election in NA-246

02: 52 PM: Rehan Ahmed was voter not presiding officer: Rangers

02: 50 PM: Twelve candidates are contesting in NA-246 including MQM, PTI, and JI

02: 45 PM Another female Presiding Officer arrested from Polling Station # 159 of Ghareeb Abad

02: 40 PM: Altaf Hussain demands from Election Commission to extend the voting time

02: 38 PM: By the grace of Allah Almighty I am living in the heart of Karachiites: Altaf Hussain

02: 32 PM: MQM will clean swipe in the by-election of NA-246. People will realize the real power of MQM. Words have limits but actions are limitless: Altaf Hussain

02:27 PM: MQM workers are chanting the slogans of Go Imran Go.

02: 25 PM: Female Assitant Presiding Officer arrested from Shah Sultana Polling Station for giving voting stamp to the unauthorised person.

02:23 MQM is trying to repeat the history of rigging besides the restrictions imposed by Rangers: Arif Alvi PTI.

02: 18 PM Imran Kahn posed confidence on the performance of Rangers and Election Commission in Sindh. He admired the decision of ECP for opening the investigation of 2013 Genral Election.

02: 15 PM Polling officer arrested from Zubeda Hajiani School Polling Station # 1.

02:12 PM: Assistant Presiding Officer Javeed Siddiqui has been arrested from Sharif Abad for conducting bogus voting.

02:04 PM: Syed Jamal Hussain new presiding officer of Delhi School. He repalced the Agha Majid who was arrested by the Rangers for casting bogus votes.


02:03 PM Polling stations and booth are under the monitoring of Rangers. Mobile phones are not allowed under the areas of polling both

02:02 PM Free and Fair elections were impossible without Rangers: Imran Khan

02:01 PM Voting time should be extend. Officials are creating hurdles against us. They are trying to decrease the margin of our success: Farooq Satat

01: 59 PM Our voters are unable to approach to polling stations: Farooq Satar

01: 57 PM Time for polling should not be increased: PTI candidate Imran Ismail

01:55 PM Two voters have been arrested for trying to cast the vote for second time: Rangers

01:53 PM Rangers have the authorities of Magistrate

01: 53 PM Presiding Officer Rehan Ahmed has been arrested for casting bogus vote. Sentenced to imprisonment for six years and fine of Rs. 5,000.

01:53 PM: Two Presiding Officers have been arrested by the Rangers

01: 52 PM Political parties have trust our the arrangements made by Rangers: Sources

01:50 PM No other identity except original CNIC: Rangers Officials

01: 47 PM Presiding officer Majid Ali has been sentenced to imprisonment for 3 months for bogus voting.

01:47 PM: Rangers is performing its duty very well: MQM candidate Kanwar Naveed Jameel

01:45 PM Time is fixed up to 5 PM. No more extension in voting time: Election Commission

01:43 PM: I didn’t ordered to ban the pillion riding. MQM complaints are out of understanding: CM SIndh Qaim Ali Shah

01: 40 PM Rangers has established monitoring cells at main polling both and stations.

01: 30 PM Lady voter in polling # 105 try to steal the voting stamp. Rangers arrests the presiding officer for negligence.

01:27 PM Presiding Officer Syed Majid Ali of Delhi School has been arrested for casting bogus votes. Rangers

01:25 PM We are contesting against MQM, Presiding Officer and Election Commission of Pakistan: Kanwar Dilshad (PTI)

01:15 PM Rangers will be on polling station until the end of voting time: Election Commission

01:14 PM Karachi needs peace: People of Karachi

01:10 PM Secretary Election Commission and Member Sindh Roshan Eisani visits the polling stations. We are considering to extend the polling time, Roshan Eisani.

01:00 PM – Imran Khan is addressing to the media:

He is alleging the MQM for stealing the election in past. He referred to the ex-member of MQM, Nabeel Gabol who said earlier that he had got over 1 lac vote in election 2013 from the empty ballot box. Imran Khan is hoping for the best. He thanked to the Rangers as well.

12:55 PM Imran Ismail is giving interview to media

Just a minute before talking to the media, PTI candidates Imran Ismail said that we would win as looking from the trend of voters. People wants change. MQM didn’t performed for the Karachittes except in the era of Mustafa Kamal. MQM has strong hold on NA-246 as it emerged victorious in 2002, 2008, and 2013 general elections and in a by-election in May 2004.

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