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Landowner chops young boy’s hands for refusing to work in Sheikhupura


LAHORE: Landowner chopped off hands of 16-year-old boy after he refused to work for him in Sheikhupura, local media reported on Monday.


As per information, landowner got furious on 16-year-old Abubakar after he refused to work for him. Landowner chopped off his hand with cleaver.

The victim was incarcerated with chains for three months by the landowner. Boy escaped the forced captivation last week, and filed the complaint against alleged offender.

Abubakar’s father has requested the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to look into the matter personally.

Taking notice of the incident, Shahbaz Sharif has asked District Police Officer (DPO)to submit report of the matter, he also ordered arrest of alleged culprit and directed best possible medical treatment for the victim.

Pakistan ranked low in Human Development Index, despite of various laws which are suppose to give shield against child labour and bounded labour but laws have been violated every now and then.



Photo: 16-year-old Abubakar

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