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Re-polling ordered in 250 polling stations as irregularities found in KP


ISLAMABAD: Election establishment have decided to hold fresh polling at hundreds of polling stations in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) that faced large scale irregularities in the May 30 elections.


 On Thursday, (ECP) the Election Commission of Pakistan has notified more than 250 polling stations across the province, where re-elections will be held on July 5.

An ECP official told our resources that re-elections had been ordered since there was undeniable evidence of irregularities from these polling stations such as snatching of ballot boxes, ballot papers and use of force to influence the election process on the polling day.

The new order will have an impact on directly contested seats of the village council, neighbourhood council, tehsil/town council and district council in all those relevant areas.


Under the K-P local government act, each voter is given ballot papers of seven different categories for voting. It was a very complicated exercise which took a voter around 15 minutes to poll his/her vote under the blazing heat. violent behavior was also reported in many areas of the province on the polling day.

Apart from the polling stations and constituencies where re-polls have been ordered, the ECP has asked the complainants of other areas to approach post-election tribunals with their complaints. A total of 92 tribunals have been set up in KPK for Local Government elections related complaints.

Those candidates elected as independents in the May 30 Local Government polls have been given an chance to join a political party. The ECP has asked the independents to provide a letter of acceptance from the leader of a party they have joined or wish to join in the future.

In the law, those who are elected as independents to a legislature, can join any  political party within three days of notification of wining an election. The election authorities has officially notified all the winning candidates on June 23.

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