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Pakistan’s first indigenous drone hits militants’ hideouts in Shawal


Pakistan’s first indigenous armed drone, ‘Burraq’, targeted and killed three prominent militants in Shawal Valley on Monday, said Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).


The first test of remotely-piloted aircraft ‘Burraq’ and laser-guided missile ‘Burq’ was took place back in March this year. That test took Pakistan a step closer to gaining the technology it has asked from the US.
Drone strikes had been started by the US during the Pervaiz Musharraf regime. Number of militants and their hideouts have been targeted by these drone attacks since its launch. However, political parties from Pakistan and human rights wing had been protesting against these strikes.
Earlier, security personnel said the indigenously-prepared armed drone ‘Burraq’ has turned the tide against the terrorists in the offensive in Tirah Valley. As stated by senior security officials, ‘Burraq’ was exhibited much before it was used in live combat against militants in this strike.
Pakistani military had launched operations in the profoundly cultivated ravines of the Shawal Valley in May. Since then, security agencies have targeted number of militants’ hideouts and has successfully eradicating them from the area.
The area is considered to be a stronghold of Khan Sajna, a leader of a Taliban group whose name the US included in a list of ‘specially designated global terrorists’ last year.

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