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Muzaffar Said presented Rs488bn budget for KP


PESHAWAR: Rs488 billion tax free budget for Fiscal Year 2015-16 is announced in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa assembly on Monday.


KM Finance Minister, Muzaffar Said, who referred the budget as ‘poor-friendly’, presented it in KP Assembly with allocating a greater portion of funds to health and education.

The presented budget tells the total outlay for the FY15-16 budget is 21 per cent higher than that of the concluding fiscal year. Under this budget, the province will receive more than 250.89 billion rupees from federal divisible pool and 30.14 billion rupees for the war on terror.

The Finance Minister said 174.88 billion rupees have been allocated for Annual Development Program while 911 ongoing development schemes will be accomplished and 614 new projects commenced. He revealed that 97.54 billion rupess have been proposed for education department telling 21 per cent increase while health department is given 29.95 billion rupees.

During presenting the budget, he said that special focus is being given to improve law and order and 32.74 billion rupees have been proposed for police sector to increase its potential. He also said that special measures will be adopted for the welfare of poor women and children along with providing monthly to aged and special persons.


The Finance Minister also publicised 10% increase in the salaries and pension of provincial government employees besides announcing up-gradation of government employees from BPS1 to 15.

Meanwhile, the Opposition party in KP Assembly demonstrated a walk-out after rejecting and boycotting the proposed budget during the speech of Muzaffar Said.

Allocations for different departments are as under:

  • Education: Rs114bn
  • Health: Rs38.2bn, 14% increase since FY14-15
  • Social welfare, special education, women’s development: Rs1.9bn, 18% increase since FY14-15
  • Police: Rs34.5bn, 14% increase since FY14-15
  • Administration of justice: Rs5.9bn, 13% increase since FY14-15
  • Irrigation: Rs3.6bn, 13% increase since FY14-15
  • Agriculture: Rs3.51bn, 12% increase FY14-15
  • Forest and environment: Rs1.83bn, 11% increase FY14-15
  • Communications and infrastructure: Rs2.76bn, 17% increase FY14-15
  • Pensioners: Rs37.4bn, 20% increase since FY14-15
  • Local government: Rs:27.7bn, 82% increase since FY14-15
  • Others: Rs232.8bn, 27% increase since FY14-15
  • Wheat subsidy: Rs2.9bn
  • Loan mark-up payments: Rs7.2bn

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