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Malala appreciates Swat-based boy’s top marks in SAT


Malala Yousfazi, who is with an aim of ‘education for all’ has praised the superb achievement of the 17-years-old boy Waleed Khan hailing from Swat, who secured top marks in the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in the US.


Earlier, the achievement of Waleed Khan was lauded by several educationists and he was highlighted as the one making Pakistanis  proud. On the other hand, the extremely talented lad of Pak soil over his achievement dedicated the honor to Pakistan and all of those who embraced martyrdom in the reign of militancy in Swat area.

Recently, Malala speaking to the Express Tribune highlighted the achievement of the boy, which would surely have made him (Waleed) more determinant to achieve his goals.

Malala, who herself has hailed from Swat is now the International figure and ideal of many as she stood firm against the terrorism becoming hurdle against education.

The youngest Noble laureate termed this achievement as a proud moment for people of Swat.


Malala call Waleed’s achievement inspiration for all

“Waleed epitomises our struggle for education,” she said. “If you have dreams, which you struggle to achieve, the impediments blocking your path seem much smaller,” she said. “His achievement is an inspiration for all of us.”

Waleed Khan
Waleed Khan


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