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703 unregistered seminaries declared blacklisted in FATA: Report


PESHAWAR: Frontier Rangers are geared up to plunge into action against unregistered seminaries in the tribal areas, as reported by TheNews.


Following the directives of the federal government, the Frontier Rangers have done all the necessary preparations to deal with the madrassas that are not registered.

The sources said that as part of the implementation for the National Action Plan (NAP) 703 seminaries in the Federal Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) have been blacklisted where at least 50,000 students are studying. Among this number of students, 18,000 are female students who are being taught there.


Further, almost 1/3 of these unregistered seminaries are in North Waziristan with nearly the same number of madarassas are in South Waziristan. Both these areas are considered to be the major hideouts of militants who are involved in terrorist activities in the country.

As several grand operations have been launched to eradicate the monster of terrorism from the surface of the country, unregistered madarassas as considered to be safe heavens for the militants. Such places are safely being used for shelter and as guard since military forces do avoid targeting madarassas knowing the fact the existence of Holy Book there. However, since the administration in Pakistan took initiatives to get all the prevailing madarassas registered, it has become difficult for the militants to use these places for their hideouts.

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