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JUI-F leader Hafiz Hamdullah abuses Marvi Sirmed during TV talk show (Video)


JUI-F senator Hafiz Hamdullah reportedly used abusive language against female right activist Marvi Sirmed during a TV talk show ‘Nadia Mirza Show’ on private channel News One.


The incident took place when the guests of the show, Barrister Masroor, Fayaz ul Hassan Chauhan, Marvi Sirmed, and Hafiz Hamdullah were debating the latest honor killing incidents and were questioning the silence of Council of Islamic Ideology (CII).

The heated exchange took place between Hafiz Hamdullah and Marvi Sirmed after female right activist was supporting Barrister Masroor comments, over which JUI-F senator interrupted and restrained her from doing this.

This all caused uproar on social media, after Sirmed narrated the whole incident.


Marvi Sirmed narrating the incident said: “I’ve just undergone a very traumatic experience at a News One program (Nadia Mirza Show) when Hafiz Hamdullah of JUIF got angry on a comment by Barrister Masroor. When my turn came, I started my comment by saying “I agree with Masroor sahib to the extent that…” and here Hamdullah cut me and went on and on with his arrogance and rudeness. I responded in almost the same coin. And that’s when he started abusing me with worst possible expletives. Called me a whore and said “tumhaari shalwaar utaar dooN ga aur tumhaari maaN ki bhi”. I returned this to his own family women. And then he tried to beat me. All of this recorded in camera. Fayaz ul Hassan Chauhan held him so his punches don’t reach me. He had to be taken away by the News One security.

And this religious merchant was fasting while he did all this.”

Here is the video of the incident:


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  1. This is what marvi wanted to happen, provoked him by calling "Charsi" and I will get your legs to be broken, this is how she threat Hafiz Hamdullah and she wanted him to sit and do nothing. Yeah a true corrupt women and such a FITNA.

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