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JuD requests Ban Ki-moon to lift ban


JuD has once again decided to approach United Nations, to lift five year ban on its activities set by the world body.


Concerns and decisions regarding JuD have become an unsolved mystery. U.S claims JuD as a terror group and have placed US $10 million reward for information regarding Hafiz Saeed (Chief of JuD), despite this he is also seen on TV shows and also carries massive rallies.

JuD is facing ban from last 5 year over its activities, a letter was sent by chief of JuD in 2009 to UN, but it is still pending with the office of Ban Ki-moon. In the letter UN was said to lift ban, JuD has no links with any terrorist group and is working for the betterment of Pakistan.

India and US consider jammat-ud-dawa to back Mumbai attacks that left 166 people dead, on the other hand JuD says they have no link with any of the terrorist group.

A spokesperson for JuD told that JuD has no link with al Qaeda, Taliban or the Mumbai attacks and requested the UN chief for lifting ban over its activities.

He also said that ” We have also shown willingness for audit of our organisational activities,”.


Talking about their strong charitable arm, he said that it is legal Pakistan based charitable NGO and all of its institutes and projects are registered in the country.

Currently there is no restriction in the country and they hold mammoth gathering on Kashmir Day, and police personnel were clearly seen for security purposes. However, according to the Foreign office spokesperson’s recent briefing, JuD’s bank account has already been frozen and its leadership cannot travel abroad.

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Interior Minister admitted that no fresh measure has been taken against any proscribed outfits following the attack on APS school in Peshawar on December 16.

JuD has set of social developing activities, they hold 5 hospitals, 200 dispensaries, ambulance services and 250 schools.

However, this philanthropy also undergo the conspiracy, according to some agencies, they hold the same activities like the Plaestinin group Hamas and Hezbollah of Lebanon do.

In a recent statement by JuD spokesperson Yahya Mujahid told that UN ban issue has been cleared in favour of JuD by the Supreme Court and full bench of the Lahore High Court.

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