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Jahangir Tareen leaves PTI’s intra-party elections after Shah Mahmood’s outbrust


LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf stalwart Jahangir Khan Tareen on Monday announced to play no further role in PTI intra party elections.



Yesterday, PTI top leader Shah Mahmood Quershi had criticized Jahangir Khan Tareen and Chauhry Sarwar and showed to support to opposite of group participating in Intra-party elections.


There are two main groups fighting for different party slots in party elections, ‘Unity Group’ led-by Jahangir Tareen, Ch Sarwar and Aleem Khan and other group is ‘Nazriyati Group organised under Shah Mahmood Quersishi, Hamid Khan and Shafqat Mahmood.



In series of tweets, MNA Tareen said,  “Imran Khan has called for a final showdown with the Sharif’s. It is of utmost importance that the whole party stands united. In the spirit of unity and keeping the party cause supreme, I have decided that I will play no further part in the Intra-party elections. I was never and I am not now interested in any party position. I will continue to serve PTI as a worker and strive for Party Unity.


“I burnt my boats and joined PTI to IK’s Nazria. I cannot standby and watch PTI divided and especially at this critical juncture. I call upon the entire Party hierarchy to play their role in unity PTI. We need to focus our energies on exposing the Sharif”, he further added.

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