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Iranian guards shoot down FC official near Pak-Iran border


Iranian border guards fired on a vehicle of Frontier Post in Pakistani territory killing 1 soldier and leaving 3 wounded in Balochistan.


According to a press release, Iran’s border forces opened fire in the border area Chukab in Kech district.

It is stated in the report an FC patrolling party was on its routine round when two suspicious bike-riders appeared.

The FC soldiers followed these mischievous suspects. As soon as the party reached near 206 border pillar, Iran security forces opened fire on the party which continued for about six to seven hours.

Subsequently, one official named Abdul Ghafar was killed while three others naming Iran Hussain, Adnan Ali and Muhammad Gufran got injured.


The FC vehicle also got annihilated while the suspects successfully escaped.

According to press release, the border violation by Iran security forces has also been continued in District Chagi.

It is also reported the 30 members of Iranian security forces usurped the Pakistani territory through 6 vehicles and approached 2 kilometers.

They threatened the inhabitants of the village after besieging the area of Nokundi in Chagi district.

It was asserted in the report that such activities by Iran security forces are not by coincident but rather they are planned to gain mischievous objectives by alleging Pakistan.

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