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Imran Khan blames PPP and PML-N of rigging in Senate elections


Islamabad: Pakistan-Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman blames PPP and PML-N of rigging in Senate elections and also told that his party will not support their candidates for the post of Senate chairman.


Mr. Khan was talking to the media on Friday after the meeting of party’s core committee, he warned that PTI will give another sit-in if government did not not form the judicial commission within one month and  show seriousness about free and fair elections.

He also told that his party believe in fair elections and for this reason they have just placed candidates from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Senate elections.

He also appreciated PTI lawmakers for following the ideology set by their leader. “Members of the KP Assembly refused all offers of money because their leader rejected the offer. I want this kind of change in politics,” Imran Khan said.


“I just want to ask how PPP candidate Nadeem Afzal Chan got votes more than the party’s total strength ( in the Punjab Assembly) and how the government candidate, Yaqoob Khan Nasir, lost the Senate election ( in Balochistan),” he said.

He also told that in past political leader utilizes Senate elections to earn money.

“The announcement of a constitutional amendment by the government was nothing but a drama. Moreover, at time of crisis in the country, Nawaz Sharif went to Saudi Arabia,” he added.

He also told that his party would carry on its campaign against rigging in 2013 general elections and would also prove that the National Assembly speaker had been elected through bogus votes.

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