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Imran is ‘B’ team of Qadri


LAHORE: In a joint press conference Ahsan Iqbal and Pervez Rashid rejected all those allegations made by Imran Khan regarding rigging in the general elections 2013.


“Najam Sethi’s name was proposed by PPP, we accepted his name as good will gesture. Tahir ul Qadri’s purpose is to create anarchy in the country,” said Ahsan.

He was of the view that Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has merged itself into Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT).

“Imran and Qadri’s alliance is destroying democracy rather than the government,” Ahsan.

Moreover, replying to Imran’s allegations he said that all pre and post election surveys anticipated PML-N’s win in the general election.

Regarding Qadri’s remarks he said that such statements were not even delivered by Hittler and Masolini as that of Qadri who said every one who happen to leave the procession before the fulfillment of the task will be executed.


Pervez also expressed his views about Imran and Qadri and said that Imran seemed to be afraid of government’s progress who only wants to dessolve all the four assemblies.

Replying the charges of allegations in the elections, he said that Imran should atleast read out the reports issued by his own surveyors.

He said that Imran was defeated due to his own faulty policies and issuing tickets to those who were not capable.

“The same lesson will be given to Imran as he got from General Election,” Pervez said.

Upon Tahir ul Qadri, Rashid said that Qadri is delivering Fatawas to kill people which sounds words of a lunatic brutal person.

He said that government is bound to maintain law and order situation in the country.


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